What Are Disney Sweepstakes and How Do They Work
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A sweepstake is a type of contest that is held by a particular organization or a person. The winner of the contest gets a price. It is as simple as that.

Disney has been known for having a few sweepstakes every year, it provides an opportunity for the meeting department to get their hands dirty and market the products of the company.

As you may know, the best marketing strategy is to just give people free stuff, and Disney follows that strategy to the letter. Every year Disney holds multiple sweepstakes that any person can enter without any charges. So what are these sweepstakes and how do they work.

Disney Sweepstakes

Every year Disney holds multiple sweepstakes for people to apply and the person to win those sweepstakes win a certain price that has been set by the company. Every year there are two to three sweepstakes and the prices for each of those sweepstakes vary according to the season and the marketing strategy used.

Some years the winnings are trips to Disneyland, or a VIP tour, or a stay in one of their resorts. The point is that the prices change and each year there is a new price depending on the theme of the sweepstakes.  

Disney is always keen to put multiple prizes in a single sweepstake, this enables more than one person to win the sweepstakes. But the clever thing about these prices is that a person has to visit Disneyland or shop from one of their websites to be able to claim their prizes.

The Rules of the Sweepstakes

There is a basic set of rules that ensure that the sweepstakes are played without any corruption, but new laws are always added concerning the price that is being offered. For example, if the price of a sweepstake is an all-expense-paid trip to Disneyland, then the rules would be something like this, to qualify for the sweepstakes the person must be an American citizen, second, the person must be the legal age, etc.

The rules of the sweepstakes are always going to be mentioned in the details of the sweepstakes and it is the contestant’s job to abide by those rules when they apply for the sweepstakes.

How the Sweepstakes Work

Disney sweepstakes are dead simple to enter and win. All you have to do is find you desired sweepstakes, you can find it by searching on google or by visiting any of Disney’s website. If the sweepstakes are available you will find the link to enter into the sweepstakes there. Click on the link and enter the required information that is needed for the sweepstakes, and then you are done, if you win, you will be notified by Disney and further instructions will follow.

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