Unique Disney Tours
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There are numerous activities that first-time visitors to Disney World want to do, but what about those who are returning to Disney World? What are some things that people should do but don’t usually consider? This is where these undiscovered treasures come into play. Let’s take a look at the most prominent attractions that Disney repeat visitors should explore. 

·      Visit The Disney Contemporary Resort 

When visitors think of meal reservations, The Wave isn’t the first location that springs to mind. However, if you’re looking for a peaceful, leisurely breakfast, this is the place to go. You may order from the menu or eat from the breakfast buffet, which is a unique feature. The Glazed Donut French Toast and the Wave Signature Sweet Potato Pancakes are two of my favorites (pictured above). I’d recommend dividing these two meals between two or three individuals because they’re both rather filling.

·      Watch Bedtime Stories While Staying At A Disney Resort TV

Take some time in the evening, whether you are a parent or not, to watch Disney’s Bedtime Stories on the Resort TV channel. These three to four short films are ideal for putting a youngster to bed or winding down the evening. They’re animated stories based on books, so if your child (or you) enjoys a particular story, the book could be the ideal souvenir to bring home as a memento of your vacation. Throughout the evening, the movies are on a continuous loop.

·      See Muppets Representing American History 

Spend some time in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom to see The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History. This outdoor performance is at the ideal location for grabbing a bite to eat, sitting down, and watching the play. The town crier announces a number of different shows throughout the day. And, in classic Muppet form, things might not go as planned, especially with Miss Piggy insisting on appearing in the film. Because the “moment” shifts throughout the day, you may watch this program several times to get a new perspective on this hidden gem. 

·      Eat A New Treat 

There are so many wonderful things to do in Disney World that it’s difficult to see everything in one visit. Enjoy your favorites, but also take advantage of the opportunity to try something new. Every event at Disney is accompanied by a cupcake, so that is always an option. There are also plenty of traditional delights to select from, such as Dole Whips, Mickey-shaped meals, and cookies, so try something new. You can do this while you are enjoying Orlando VIP tours. 

·      Explore The Magical Kingdom In A Different Way 

Happily Ever After is, without a doubt, a projection and fireworks spectacular that must be viewed from the Hub to be fully appreciated. However, witnessing the performance from a place other than the Magic Kingdom retains its allure. There are a number of options available. The Polynesian Beach, California Grill, Top of the World Lounge, and paying for a private fireworks cruise are just a few examples. They’re all fantastic hidden gems.

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