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Finding who is the Disney heiress is a very good idea if you are interested in this huge company. Disney has quickly evolved throughout the years into a massive conglomerate with lots of amazing features and benefits. The Disney VIP tours are special in particular, and they really help people step away from their day to day lives into something spectacular and fun.


Who created the company and who is the current Disney heiress?

Disney was created by Walt Disney and Roy O Disney, with the latter one being the co-founder and he had a bit less input. But even so, he was one of the founders and now the Disney heiress is his granddaughter, named Abigail Disney.

What you should know about this Disney heiress is that she is a philanthropist and also a filmmaker. She always focused on pursuing new options and ideas, but at the same time she wanted to stay within the family business, and that’s filmmaking. She worked on a documentary film named Pray The Devil Back To Hell which focused on Liberian peace and the hard work that activists focused on to make that a reality. This is one of her first major achievements, as she got the Best Documentary award from the Tribeca Film Festival in 2008. The documentary went to 60 countries all over the world after that.

Abigail Disney also created Fork Films in New York with the idea of creating new and powerful movies that would eventually make a statement in the industry. She even got an Athena Film Festival Award in 2011 thanks to her hard work in using film as a tool for social change. One of her other standout works include The Armor of Light, which also premiered at Tribeca. She eventually won an Emmy Award for that, awarded for Outstanding Social Issue Documentary.


A huge focus on change and making the world better

The Disney heiress has always been a force of good in her life. And she did enroll in various Disneyland VIP tours and Orlando VIP tours in particular to make sure they are fun and exciting for everyone. As a philanthropist she invested in numerous non profits that protect the environment and she also chose to remove her share of profits from Ahava Cosmetics, a Disney owned business because that company is harming the environment.

Abigail, the Disney heiress, received a lot of attention from the press when she recently attended some Disney World VIP tours and saw that many of the employees are not happy. In fact, most of them said that they barely afford paying their bills. So she actually shared an open letter with Bob Iger, the CEO, with the idea of trying to make things better for employees. The discrepancy between Iger’s salary of $66 million and the median Disney salary of $46127 is huge, and the Disney heiress believes that’s something to be addressed in the future. Either way, it’s safe to say that enrolling in the Disneyland tours is a lot of fun, and you should consider checking out this great, unique opportunity.

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