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Let’s face it. Everyone who is reading this article, man or woman, young or old, has had Disney be a part of his existence at one point or another. Or at many points. We have all grown up with a special place for Disney in our hearts. And it will always remain a part of our lives no matter what.

Why Puns are important?

Puns are one of the best ways to get a laugh out of even the most serious people in your circle. How great will it be if you could combine your love of puns, with your love of Disney! By doing so, you’ll be able to incorporate something that you have loved since childhood into the day to day humor that you use.

If Disney puns make you sentimental and happy, then you should definitely go for them! Telling one of these puns to your workmates, on the dinner table, or to your classmates, is guaranteed to win the hearts of the people around you.

But most of all, if you bring them into your Instagram captions, it will give your post an unpredicted amount of attention! Most of the successful captions that are put under a good picture are the ones that have puns in them. Even though you can go with a simple description of the photo or with an inspiring quote, still a pun will make your followers giggle.

How Puns Help Us?

It will also make you look like you put effort into making your post, and will bring out your creativity. So, when you are watching your favorite Disney movie next time, having a fairy tale moment, or even hanging out in Disney, you can bring out a Disney pun to capture the moment.

I know, coming up with one would be really hard at that moment. So I have decided to help you out with that. Think of me as your fairy pun mother (pun intended) who has just granted you your wish! And if you add any one of these to your Instagram post, then you are definitely going to get a major amount of likes in it.

Best Disney Puns of All Time

So here are a bunch of Disney puns that will make everyone around you crack up!

  1. Don’t walk too slow, Mufasa!
  2. Gaston had won the no Belle price!
  3. Why is Peter Pan always flying? Because he can Neverland!
  4. I’m getting Aladd-out of here
  5. This is Dis-Knee-slapping fun!
  6. Should Ariel know that dinglehoppers aren’t real, or should we fork-get about it?
  7. I was a mermaid for Disney days
  8. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Now I’m a lion on a cold hard ground.
  9. I want to watch Peter Pan again because it never gets old!
  10. Mirror mirror on the wall. Don’t say it cause I know I’m cute!
  11. Where did captain hook get his hook? From the second-hand store!
  12. Why was the broom late? Because he over swept.
  13. Are you ariel? Because I believe we are a mermaid for each other.
  14. Upon watching lion king closely, you will discover a lot of symbolism.
  15. What does ariel wear to math class? And algae-bra!

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