Why Should You Shake Disney Chimney Sweep’s Hand?
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When you think of a chimney sweep, you probably think of Dick Van Dyke’s depiction of Bert in Disney’s Mary Poppins; he’s a cultural classic. Bert says to the children and Mary Poppins throughout the film that “a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be” and that “good luck will rub off” when he shakes hands with you. The traditional concept of the sweep as a good luck charm has been around for a long time, and there are three main tales regarding how it came to be.

The Carriage Mistake Of King William

According to legend, King William of England was about to be struck by an out-of-control carriage in 1066 until a chimney sweep pulled him to safety. King William decreed that all chimney sweeps must bring good fortune because the sweep saved his life.

The Carriage Mistake of King George

The monarchs of England, it seems, had bad luck with horse-drawn vehicles. King George III was traveling in the 1700s when his horses suddenly panicked. He was rescued by a chimney sweep, who kept the vehicle from overturning. After that, King George decreed chimney cleaners to be fortunate.

The Wedding And Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep was dangling from the roof in this narrative. He was noticed by a woman in the house, who dragged him to safety. They fell in love right away and enjoyed a long and happy marriage. As a result, shaking a sweep’s hand before your wedding is considered good luck. Before marrying Princess Elizabeth, Prince Philip apparently took this tradition seriously and raced out of Kensington Palace to shake the hand of a chimney sweep.

Getting The Disney Chimney Sweep Shake Hand Experience?

If you want to shake the Disney Chimney Sweep’s Hand, you are provided the opportunity to get that while you are at the Disney World. This will certainly be a great experience, which you will fall in love with. You can believe in this experience as well, and it will bring good luck to you. If you are interested in getting this experience, all you have to do is to go ahead with Disney VIP Tours and Orlando VIP Tours.

Your CMO certified chimney sweeps may not have a cockney accent or dance around on your roof, but when we come to clean and inspect your chimney, we will gladly shake hands. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to accomplish what we do, guaranteeing that your chimney is safe and functional. Make an appointment with Chimney & Masonry Outfitters now to get your Disney chimney swept!

Seeing a chimney sweep, especially shaking hands with one, will bring you good fortune for the rest of the day. On New Year’s Day, several customs had a chimney sweep bless the local community. Everyone in town would welcome him, touch his soiled clothes, and shake his hand. A chimney sweep is said to bring good luck to newlyweds on their wedding day, according to other traditions.

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