Why you need to book the VIP in your Disney World Tour
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There is no great place to visit than Walt Disney World. It becomes more fun when you visit this incredible place during the high season. The negative thing about visiting in the high season is that there is a very long line that you may be forced to use unorthodox means to cut the lines.

However, you do not need to use this scam means as there are legitimate ways for those looking to experience a luxe side of Disney.  The following are the reasons you need to book the VIP in your Disney World Tour.

Frustration-Free Experience Disney

The huge advantage of this package is very easy. You will have the VIP tour guides that will take you through your journey. They work the same as the unlimited FastPass; hence will enable you to skip the lines. Since you will not be able to go straight to the first spot in the line, the guides will allow you to go through the FastPass line for every day.

You will not have to wait for more than 15 minutes, even when you have to wait three hours. You will repeatedly enjoy these services.

Magic Carpet Ride

You will get your preferred private car that will take you through to the backdoor entrances since there are no lines for the buses or trams or looking for the vehicles not found in the crowded places hence saving a lot of time. It will only take you 45 minutes to move from one park to another one and make a switch with less than half of the time when making the switch hence giving you time to the parks.

True VIP Status and Insider Knowledge

All of us usually crave for sitting at the front row during shows. The last row on the rides? The VIP guides have a vast knowledge about the tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience. Those looking to learn more about Disney beyond the rides will not have problems in picking their brains. Ou will be surprised about the information they are privy to.

The guides will also talk more about the hidden Mickeys, which even the most seasoned Disney-Phile do not know.

Cover a lot of ground

 You will nearly every major attraction in a few days when having a VIP guide for those concentrating on the short journey. For those taking a short time consuming their meals, you will be very surprised on the things you can see. You can visit three parks within six hours.

Time is Money

VIP guides may be expensive. The pandemic has made the guides very few; hence you are likely to take a lot of time. Paying for the guide is worth it and will help you to spend in the parks. Those touring the Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando can hire a VIP guide for 315 dollars per hour for a minimum of six hours; hence the total cost is 1890 dollars.  You can come with your family, not exceeding ten people.

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