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What you will notice when you get into the Disney World VIP tours is that you can enjoy some cool Disney World character dining experiences. Yes, this means you can prepare to enjoy a delicious meal with some of the favorite characters from the Disney franchises. That’s amazing for any child, which is why the Orlando VIP tours are so widely sought after in the first place.


What type of Disney World character dining experiences you can expect?

Usually you will have theme park Disney World character dining. This can differ based on the Disneyland VIP tours that you chose. However, usually you will be able to enjoy the cool Cinderella’s Royal table where you can eat alongside favorite Cinderella Characters in an extraordinary fantasy land.

Then you have the Crystal Palace, where you will enjoy talking and interacting with Winnie The Pooh. It’s just an amazing and unique experience for any child to enjoy some time with such an iconic character! At the Garden Grill for example you will get to enjoy some time with Chip and Dale, your favorite squirrels. You will get to prepare some food with them or eat all kinds of cool foods. That really goes to show the dedication and commitment that you will find throughout the entire process.

Of course, there are some other interesting options here. The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is a prime example because it allows you to dine with multiple Disney Princesses. That’s a great option especially for young ladies that always wanted to meet and interact with a princess. On top of that, you even have Hollywood and Vine which comes with numerous Disney Junior characters like Minnie, Mickey Mouse and so on. This is a part of the Disney VIP tours, and it’s also one of the coolest experiences that any child can have at such a theme park. Not to mention you even have the Tusker House Restaurant where Donald Duck will serve you some great food.


Preparing for the best Disney World character dining

There are lots of dining options when you enjoy the Disneyland VIP tours. All you have to do is to figure out what character you like the most and who you want to dine with. Usually the dining prices are included in the Disney VIP tours, so you won’t have to worry about anything. This is a stunning way for kids to interact with characters they just saw in shows, and it will impress you right away with the great attention to detail and incredible focus.

As you can see, Disney World character dining is a part of the Disney World VIP tours and it’s something you do not want to miss. Being able to talk with and dine along some of the favorite Disney characters is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of people. Don’t hesitate and check it out right away, you will enjoy it quite a bit in the end, we guarantee that! Just make sure that you enroll in the Disney tour early so you can grab your ticket!

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