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Visiting Disney is a dream come true for most of us. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many times you’ve already visited, each trip is a chance to further explore the magical world and make memories that will last a lifetime. Every month, more than 13 million people visit Disney, a number that is bigger than some countries’ population.

If you’re going to be one of them this month, the first thing to do is book yourself a private VIP tour to avoid the hassle of planning itineraries and waiting for tickets in queues.

Now, if Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the part of the trip you’re most excited about, we’re here to help you have a smooth dining experience in a galaxy far, far away.

Let’s talk about food!

To feast on galactic favorites like Boba, the first thing you need to do is learn the lingo. You’ll find a ton of eclectic food stalls and menu items, but a good place to start is the Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. There at least five newly opened places where you can get creative snacks and drinks from.

Naturally, some items can be a hit or a miss, since most of the ingredients are secrets or have unfamiliar names—you’ll have to rely on your sense of smell and taste. The two things we can recommend with utter confidence are the Braised Shaak Roast, which is served with mushrooms, kale and pasta, and the Felucian Garden Spread, which is seasoned to perfection and is served with hummus and pita.

If you want to explore Batuu food further and find your own favorite eatables, there are plenty of beverages and bites to choose from. Remember the green milk Luke Skywalker sipped on? And that blue bantha milk? Yes! You can have that at Galaxy’s Edge.

It’s also worth mentioning that Disney is actively switching to plant-based cuisines as well as allergy-friendly foods so you’ll have plenty to choose from. You can find extensive vegetarian and non-dairy options to munch on, so start stacking up on meal credits.


The dining plan and meal credits!

To maximize your dining plan credits and save money while still being able to enjoy a wide range of options, here’s what you need to know.

  • Anyone from your party can access the credits because they’re pooled. You can choose from quick service, standard dining and deluxe dining, depending on your party size.
  • You can’t split the bill on meal credit but it’s a good idea if one person orders a whole meal and you figure out the money = later.

You can learn more about it here or ask our guides to help you navigate so your dining experience is completely stress-free.

Ready to head over to Galaxy’s Edge? Book a travel tour with us and spend your vacation in Orlando at the Disney World or Universal Studios.


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