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Who is Five Star Orlando VIP Tours?


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2023 Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award

2023 Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award

Our VIP tours are ranked #6 out of 311 tours in Orlando

Five Star Orlando VIP Tours is a VIP concierge service that leads the industry in organizing Disney VIP tours. Through our commitment to excellence in Orlando, our Disney VIP tours have been awarded the esteemed ‘excellence in private VIP tours’ award by global recognition awards and voted #1 by families with children. Furthermore, Five Star Orlando VIP Tours has assisted thousands of clients, earned hundreds of 5-star reviews, ranked top 10% worldwide on Tripadvisor, ranked #6 out of 311 tours in Orlando, and is a 2023 Tripadvisor travelers’ choice award recipient. As seen in Forbes, Travel Insider, Digital Journal, Benzinga, Markets Herald, and LA Weekly.

Our Disney VIP Tours offer a unique way to Plan and Explore Orlando’s Most Popular Attractions

Our team specializes in Disney World VIP tours, Universal Studios, Seaworld, and Legoland. Our team strongly believes experiencing places, people, and cultures in a stress-free manner will create a one-of-a-kind experience your family will cherish for a lifetime. Moreso, we believe in experiences that bring people together. With years of experience in Orlando, you can count on our VIP concierges to make your Disney vacation a memory you will cherish! Our customized itineraries coupled with our private VIP assistants’ insider knowledge and long-standing industry relationships will guarantee your VIP tour surpasses your expectations.

Disney VIP Tours

Why Choose Us for a Disney VIP Tour?

Disney World VIP Tour



The name says it all. Five Star Orlando VIP Tours provides personnel experienced in all Disney has to offer. Consider them the guides that’ll help you plan and structure your Disney visit. Our personnel is carefully selected. After all, Five Star Orlando VIP Tours has a reputation for being more than a VIP concierge, luxury travel advisor, or Disney vacation planner. We are experience-makers specializing in all of Disney. Through our services, we’ll help you create memories that last a lifetime!

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A big problem many Disney visitors face is a lack of time. Many do not appreciate the multiple pleasures to experience. And upon arrival, they realize that there’s much to see in a limited timeframe. The problem gets exacerbated if children are involved. Children are naturally curious beings, and they’ll want to try out different rides, thrills, and shows. Through Five Star Orlando VIP Tours, we ensure the structure is present. You can contact us beforehand, where we can brief you on what’s available, and what you can prioritize. We’ll help you plan a wonderful Disney visit – suitable to your budget and holiday timeframe!

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What if emergencies come up? What if there’s a sudden change of plans and priorities? Those questions matter greatly when seeking a VIP tour service. And at Five Star Orlando VIP Tours, our answer is simple… How you feel comes first – your experience matters above all else. If you’d like to visit a different attraction, extend your day without notice, change dining reservations, or adjust your evening plans – we’re happy to help. The same applies to on-site exploration. We’re happy to provide recommendations on what you can try, and why. Not to mention, we ensure you get first-class treatment while in Orlando. No waiting in long lines or stress just to experience an attraction!

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We trust you will return for more Disney World VIP tours at some point in your life. Few people visit only once. The attraction is too thrilling and lively for a single visit. For your return visits, you’ll need a trusted VIP service. And we recommend establishing that trust with us starting today. Check out all of our services, and book your next visit!

What to expect during a VIP Tour at Disney

Below, find out everything you need to know about each of the four main Walt Disney World theme parks. Learn about all of the attractions and shows and exactly what you should expect with our VIP guided service.

Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a captivating theme park that immerses visitors in a world of fantasy and wonder. With iconic attractions, beloved characters, and magical experiences, it promises unforgettable memories for all ages.

Animal Kingdom

Discover the wonders of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a captivating theme park where adventure and conservation harmonize. From thrilling safaris to mesmerizing shows, this immersive experience transports you to the heart of the animal kingdom for an unforgettable encounter with wildlife and extraordinary entertainment.

Hollywood Studios

Step into the glitz and glamour of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the magic of movies comes alive. With thrilling Star Wars rides, live shows, and encounters with Toy Story characters, this iconic theme park offers an unforgettable journey through the world of cinema.

Epcot Center

Embark on a global journey of discovery at Disney’s Epcot Center, where innovation, culture, and imagination collide. From futuristic attractions to international pavilions, this iconic theme park offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, creating unforgettable experiences for visitors of all ages.

Disney VIP Tour

Disney VIP Tours: Experience the Magic in Style

Five Star Orlando VIP Tours is your premier choice for experiencing the magic of Disney World in a truly luxurious and personalized way. Our Disney World VIP tours are designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience, where you can enjoy all the attractions and shows that Disney has to offer, without any of the hassle or stress of navigating the crowds and long lines.

Our team of expert tour guides better defined by our company, VIP assistants, are passionate about Disney and dedicated to making your visit as enjoyable and memorable as possible. They are well-versed in the park’s layout and the various attractions and can help you plan your day to maximize your time and minimize any wait times.

With our VIP tours, you can experience Disney like a true VIP, with a host of exclusive perks.



Disney Tour



With Disney World VIP tours, you can skip wait times, avoid stand-by lines, and get straight to the front of the queue with minimal wait. This means you can spend more time enjoying the attractions and less time waiting in line.

Disney Private Tours



Our VIP concierges will create a personalized itinerary based on your interests and preferences. Whether you want to focus on the classic attractions, the latest shows, or the best dining options, we can tailor your tour to suit your needs.

Disney World Private Tour



Our VIP assistants are experts on all things Disney and can provide you with insider knowledge and tips that you won’t find in any guidebook. From the best places to watch the parades to the secret shortcuts that can save you time, we’ve got you covered.

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence Award

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Walt Disney World can be stressful with large crowds and long wait times. Disney World is the size of San Francisco or 2x the size of Manhattan making it difficult to go alone. Don’t worry, we will get you to the right places at the right time! We guarantee an unforgettable experience and a stress-free day. We strive to create customized Disney World VIP tours for our clients based on their personal needs and preferences. In our line of work, not only do we skip wait times, we help families build memories that last a lifetime.

VIP Concierge - Services

When you book a Disney VIP tour with Five Star Orlando, you’re not just getting a tour guide better known as a VIP Assistant – you’re getting full access to our Disney VIP concierge service before your arrival which handles all planning aspects of your vacation. The planning experience is designed to make your visit to Disney World as easy and enjoyable as possible.

If you’re planning a visit to Disney and want to experience the park like a true VIP, then Five Star Orlando VIP Tours is a perfect choice.

To book your Disney VIP tours, simply fill out our online booking form or give us a call at (407) 868-0857. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you plan the perfect Disney experience.

VIP Tours - Outside of Disney World

Once you are reserved with Five Star Orlando VIP Tours you will have the option to experience other popular attractions in Orlando. Our mission is to make your visit to Orlando as easy and enjoyable as possible. For this reason, we offer VIP tours at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, and Legoland.

Tripadvisor testimonials

Our family of 5 visited Disney in February. Booking the five star Orlando VIP tour was a must for us. We had never done Disney and with the help of Bobby and Olivia who was training one day we packed in so much in. We were able to hit up all the rides we wanted and never waited more than 10 min to get on them! Bobby helped keep the excitement alive and helped manage the stroller and even the little kids at times! With 3 kids (7, 5 and 3) we were able to make the most out of the parks with a personal guide who was fun, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. This tour was recommended by friends and we would absolutely recommend it as well. This tour helped every step of the way and we are grateful for the friendly service from every team member.

New York City, NY

Laura W

New York City, NY

We just returned from a family vacation in Orlando and had Bobby as our tour guide for 4 days. With Bobby’s help we were able to tour both Universal parks in 1 day, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom/Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We were able to get on every ride we wanted to and more with minimal wait times. When our time with Bobby was through for the day – he would ensure we were setup with a few last ride passes to round out our day! Having Bobby for our vacation was the BEST decision we ever made – he was reliable, knowledgable, easy going and efficient and in return I got to enjoy my vacation thoroughly! We really enjoyed our time with Bobby and would highly recommend Five StarOrlando VIP Tours to anyone visiting the Orlando area looking for a way to do it all with minimal stress, so you can truly enjoy your vacation! Thanks Orlando VIP Tours and Bobby!

Glen Rock, NJ

Jennifer C

Glen Rock, NJ

Unforgettable Disney trip ever! We have planning our Orlando Disney trip weeks ago for my daughter’s birthday. The best decision we made was work with Five Star Orlando VIP Tours. VIP Concierge Mr. Mckinzie was really patient and helpful to clearly answer all my questions on both phone and emails. our VIP guide Gabe made our trip completely stress free. We had Gabe assistants for one day at Magic Kingdom and one day at Animal Kingdom. Gabe was amazingly professional. We were able to take all the rides with very short wait times. almost get all rides done in 6hours everyday. He helped to push stroller, got water and ice, made reservation for really popular restaurant. We highly recommend VIP tour for Disney trip with Gabe.

Alpharetta, GA


Alpharetta, GA

My family and I planned a trip to Disney World Orlando on the busiest week of the year, (Christmas week) and thanks to McKinzie, our VIP Tour guide, we had the BEST and most memorable experience! He was extremely friendly, very knowledgeable, and willing to anything to make our day the best. He coordinated every aspects of our day in the Parks. From buying parks tickets, to transportation, to dining reservations. He knew how to make his way through the parks so we could do all the rides we wanted quickly and with least amount of hassle. We were amazed at what we managed to cover in a day: everything we wanted and more! McKinzie was awesome with the kids. Their days were filled with rides and fun instead of waiting in lines. McKinzie was absolutely the best and we would never consider returning to Disney World without our VIP tour guide!

Miami Beach, FL


Miami Beach, FL

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a Disney VIP Tour?

A Disney VIP tour provides an unparalleled experience, including personalized itineraries, expedited entry to attractions, meeting beloved characters, the best seating for shows and parades, and the expertise of a dedicated tour guide. Enjoy the ultimate Disney adventure with exclusive access, insider knowledge, and VIP treatment that enhances every magical moment of your visit.

How long does a Disney VIP Tour last?

The duration of a Disney VIP tour can vary based on the park and day. Generally, our VIP tours range from 6 to 8 hours, providing ample time to enjoy the park’s highlights. However, some tours can be customized to fit your specific needs and may extend beyond the standard duration. Regardless of the length, a Disney VIP tour ensures you make the most of your time by maximizing your park experience and minimizing wait times.

How much does a Disney VIP tour cost?

The cost of a Disney VIP tour varies depending on factors such as the duration, group size, and specific offerings included at the time of reservation. It is best to call us directly or request a quote on our website for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information to plan your VIP tour within your desired budget.

Are meals included in a Disney VIP Tour?

Meals are not included in a Disney VIP tour. However, your tour guide can assist in making dining reservations and offer recommendations for dining options outside of the park. Disney offers a wide range of dining experiences to suit various tastes and preferences, allowing you to enjoy meals at your own pace during your VIP tour.

Can I customize my Disney VIP Tour itinerary?

Yes, you can customize your Disney VIP Tour itinerary to make it a truly personalized experience. Our Disney VIP tours offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor your itinerary based on your preferences and interests. From choosing specific attractions to visit, planning dining experiences, or including the fireworks, you can work with your tour guide to create a customized itinerary that suits your desires and maximizes your Disney adventure.