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Famous for its delightfully delicious barbecues and briskets, the capital of Texas, Austin, is perhaps one of the coolest places in the US. While Austinites love everything the city has to offer, sometimes it can feel like you’ve seen it all. When those times arrive, it’s time to pack up your bags and leave for somewhere where there’s no limit to the fun you can have! Wondering what place could possibly offer you unlimited exciting opportunities? The answer to that is the magical world of Disney, of course! If you’re planning a trip to Florida or California, Disney World and Disneyland should have a definite place on your bucket list.

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The Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland, CA’s trademark slogan truly encapsulates what the magical theme park has to offer. It’s the park that many of us grew up visiting and there’s always a feeling of nostalgia and wistfulness attached to it. It’s a faithful tribute to iconic Disney classics and to Walt Disney himself. The legend goes that while the park was under construction, Walt asked for an apartment to be built on the park grounds so that he could stay there and supervise it at all times. He used to turn on a light in the apartment window to let everyone know that he was there. The park now has the light turned on at all times to show that Walt Disney is still present in spirit. So, if you want to experience true Disney magic, Disneyland, Anaheim is the place to go!

The Most Magical Place on Earth

The slightly altered slogan is fitting. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is definitely full of magic and enchantment; so much so that it’s downright spellbinding! Disney World is dramatically bigger than Disneyland, spread out over 40 square miles (almost the size of San Francisco!). The resort is split up into 4 theme parks, each serving as a homage to Disney.

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The Most Magically Happiest Experience!

Five Star Orlando VIP Tours brings your dream of touring the Disney parks frustration-free to life! Our private touring packages for both Disneyland and Disney World are guaranteed to make your vacation the most magical and the happiest one of your whole life. We customize the tour according to your preferences so that you don’t feel like you’re being handed a generic tour. Our VIP packages take personalization seriously and we make sure your Disney experience is unparalleled!

Avoid the Lines

Whichever park you wish to visit, Five Star Orlando VIP Tours will take you there with the expertise to take you through the jungles, Hollywood, the future, outer space, and all things that make it the happiest place on earth.

We’ll take you directly to the rides with no wait. We’re talking about high thrills, gorgeous trails, breathtaking performances, thousands of animals, and all of your favorite characters from various Disney films.

Come during the holidays, come during the summer, come when the kids are out of school, or come if you have something to celebrate. Just be sure to book your tour with Five Star Private VIP Tours to make the most out of whichever park you choose to attend.

We even offer specials on multiple-day tours. Take your imagination for a ride on a journey you and your family will never forget. No matter which place or type of attraction you prefer, we will make the experience all the more worthwhile with an all-inclusive package that includes luxury transportation at an additional cost.

For more information on how Five Star Orlando VIP Tours can make your Disney World trip unforgettable, please contact us today.




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