The Best Order to Visit Disney World Parks
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Stepping foot onto Disney World soil is akin to stepping into a time machine. All at once, we’re catapulted back to our childhoods, full of wide-eyed wonder and infectious excitement. But the question at hand isn’t just about feeling like a kid again—it’s how to master this universe of fantastical experiences. So, what is the best order to visit Disney World parks? Put on your Mickey’s ears and let’s dive in.

Day 1: The Hallowed Grounds of Magic Kingdom


To properly immerse in the grand theater of Disney, the Magic Kingdom is a must-start. The best order to visit Disney parks places this jewel first, not just out of tradition, but for its potent dose of pure, unadulterated Disney magic.

From the stunning Cinderella Castle, across the cobblestones of Liberty Square, to the far reaches of Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom transports you into timeless, beloved narratives. This is the best place to re-live the awesome days of childhood, sharing laughs with characters from yesteryears.

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Day 2: Echoes of Glamour at Hollywood Studios


The glitzy world of Hollywood Studios is a perfect kick starter for your Disney Day 2. The best order to visit Disney World parks rightly places this one after Magic Kingdom. The allure here isn’t just the glamor of Hollywood’s golden age, but the thrilling promise of journeys yet to come.


It’s time to brave the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, laugh with the Muppets, and experience a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. When the day comes to a close, you’ll have gone from star-struck spectators to the protagonists of your own epic tales.

Day 3: The Animal Kingdom’s Call of the Wild


Surely you haven’t recovered from your Hollywood escapade just yet, but it’s now time to enter Animal Kingdom, a world where the wild reigns supreme. It’s a necessity to balance the human-made spectacle with the awe of the natural world.

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This day is all about exploration where you’ll traverse the realms of Pandora in Avatar Flight of Passage, embark on a Kilimanjaro Safari, and stand face-to-face with creatures that roam the planet’s wildest corners. By sunset, you’ll have had your thrill fix and a hearty dose of appreciation for Mother Nature.

Day 4: A Trip Around the World at EPCOT


Disney’s mission was to create a world of tomorrow—a place where technology, culture, and creativity unite in harmony. That dream took shape at EPCOT, the next stop in the best order to do Disney World parks.

EPCOT is an embodiment of unity—a melting pot of cultures simmering with possibility. You’ll have the chance to travel from Mexico to Canada, stopping in Morocco, France, and Japan along the way, tasting each nation’s signature delicacies. At the end of this day, it’ll feel like the world has become a little smaller, a little more connected.

Day 5: The Splashy Finish at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon


The tour ends with a splash. It’s now time to slip, slide, and soak through the refreshing water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. It’s a chance to cool down, share a hearty laugh, and maybe have a little water-soaked scream or two.


The Splashy Finish at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon


Looking back at the journey is perfect while drying off under the warm Florida sun. The magic, the glamor, the wildlife, and the global adventure have been instrumental in conquering Disney World so far, and they’re all done while trying out the best order to experience Walt Disney World parks.

Day 6: Double Down on Your Favorites


After the whirlwind five days of experiencing the best of what Disney has to offer, Day 6 is an opportunity to revisit the parks that piqued your interest the most. For the best order to visit Disney parks, it’s crucial to have a flex day in your schedule, allowing for a deeper dive into the world that captivated you most.

Did the pure, childhood enchantment of Magic Kingdom tug at your heartstrings? Or was it the adrenaline-pumping Hollywood Studios that left you thirsty for more? Perhaps it was the unexpected thrill of the natural world at Animal Kingdom or the cultural immersion at EPCOT that truly moved you? Choose your adventure, and dive back in for another round of magical exploration.


Day 7: Unwind at Disney Springs


On the seventh day, take a step back from the high energy of the parks and moves towards a serene and relaxed day at Disney Springs. This outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex is the perfect way to wrap up a week of excitement and exploration.


Disney Springs shopping center


Here, you can savor some world-class cuisine, shop for souvenirs, and perhaps catch a movie or enjoy a night of bowling. As the sun sets and the live music starts to play, you can reminisce about the past week, cherishing the memories forged in the magical world of Disney.

The Finale: Magic Kingdom Fireworks


As a fitting end to the journey through the best Disney World parks, it’s best to return to where it all began—Magic Kingdom. This time, it’s not for the rides or the characters, it’s for the dazzling display that lights up the night sky. The “Happily Ever After” nighttime spectacular is a mesmerizing finale, a perfect conclusion to your magical experience.

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Standing there, with Cinderella’s Castle as a backdrop, the sky aflame with color, we realize that this is more than just a trip to an amusement park. It’s a blissful time spent through the heart of imagination, a testament to the power of dreams. As the final note echoes into the night, make a promise to carry the magic with you.


To Infinity and Beyond: The Next Visit


What is the best order to visit Disney World parks on your next adventure? Well, that depends entirely on you. This itinerary serves as a stepping stone to craft your unique Disney adventure. So, whether it’s your first or tenth visit, always remember—Disney World is not just a place, but a state of mind. It’s a world where dreams become reality and reality becomes a distant thought.

Remember, this guide isn’t a rulebook—it’s a roadmap, a starting point. Feel free to tailor it to your whims and desires. After all, Disney World is all about making dreams come true. So if you’re wondering what is the best order to visit Disney World parks this guide has you covered. Here’s to your Disney adventure. May it be as magical as the dreams that fuel it.

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