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Welcome to Five Star Private VIP Tours in California. We are a team of professionals that provides Disney VIP tours.

Our goal is to give you a package of services that makes your visit memorable, and stress-free!

And we do so in a variety of ways…

We assist in the different stages of your journey, starting from planning, and ending with the tour of itself!

Disney Tours

Who We Serve

We primarily operate at Disney’s TWO largest parks, located in California and Florida respectively.

Californian based Disneyland Park is one place where we specialize – and we can happily serve you there on your trip!


Disneyland Park.

This is Disney’s largest park, located in Anaheim – California.

It’s the original Disney Park. This location was developed by Walt Disney himself and in the 1950s.

So in a sense, it is a piece of American history.

It’s over 34 hectares in area, making it the size of many large college campuses. And that’s not even its final size!

This park receives attraction upgrades throughout time.

Expect to constantly see new rides, shows, and venues– making it a place to visit occasionally!


It’s Close By.

Wherever you are in California, this park shouldn’t be far away – and that is a major privilege.

Why? Because many people fly hours specifically for a Disney vacation. And to have a place like that nearby is a blessing.

Disneyland Park might be a small walk from home. Or, it might be a few hours away. But whatever the distance, it’s reachable.

So we highly recommend a visit. And here at My Five Star Tours, we’ll make that a reality!

Our Services In-Depth

Let’s start with advice and planning.

Before heading off to Disneyland Park, we’ll help you schedule which attractions to see.

We’ll structure your visit to prevent confusion in the vast world of Disney.

Plus, we’ll ensure that you save as much time as possible hopping from one attraction to another!



Afraid of getting lost on your way to Disney? Or maybe you don’t own a car to get you to the location?

If that’s your situation, then no worries. We provide transportation that’ll take you from your accommodation, and to Disneyland Park!

We’ll ensure that you arrive on-time, and just before opening hours!

Plus, we’ll drive you back home too. Our transport is a back-and-forth trip, eliminating any navigation issues you might have!


On-Site Assistance.

Speaking of navigation, our most important service is live assistance.

We provide tour guides to help you explore the vast world of Disneyland. Our guides can show you the locations of different attractions, saving you time and stress!

Plus, they’ll help keep you on schedule. Our guides exist to provide you structure, ensuring a well-organized trip!

Disney Touring Plans

Bonus: VIP Services

Here at Five Star Private VIP Tours, we provide a VIP package to all visitors.

We’ll help you book reduced waiting times in lines, special seating at shows, and reserve exclusive backstage tours with official Disney.

There’s nothing more to wait for. Contact us now, and get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you guarantee minimal wait times?

Answer: Our Private VIP Tour guides know the layout of the attractions and the system in place as if we created it ourselves! This coupled with our Private VIP Tour guides insider knowledge (i.e. “secret sauce”) gives us the confidence in ensuring our clients minimal wait times.

Question: Do you only offer Theme Park tours?

Answer: Absolutely not the case, we have an undeniable love and passion for theme parks, but specialized in all Central Florida and Southern California, from Food and Wine, to Nightlife, to sightseeing, to helicopter tours, not to mention we are also an independent concierge and luxury transportation service. We have it all covered in our customized VIP Tour packages.

Question: How many people can be in a group?

Answer: We can accommodate up to (8) people per tour guide, including children. If you wish to have more than eight, we can add an additional tour guide.

Question: Are handicap tour guides or handicap passes used to skip the lines?

Answer: Never! Five Star has a “zero tolerance” policy in regards to improper representation of any disability or disability pass.