Disney VIP Tours – Rochester, New York

Five Star Private VIP Tours is a service designed for multiple customers.

We don’t just serve a local area. We serve clients from the West, South, and East coasts.

And this means that New York isn’t an exception. If you live in Rochester, you’re eligible for out VIP tours.

Why Try a Disney VIP Tour?

Disney parks are an overwhelming place.

You’re entering a world of endless fun. Disney parks are wide, and exploring one to the finish takes multiple visits…

That is, unless you live near a Disney park, expect never-ending exploration for a lifetime.


The Details.

Disney parks (in California and Florida) are tens of thousands of acres wide. And thousands of employees work just to manage a single park.

That’s comparable to the population of many local towns.

And that’s what a Disney resort is. Walking into one, you shouldn’t expect to be done in a day.

You need a lifetime to fully explore what a park has to offer.

Not to mention, your visits to Disney are scheduled next to other activities. After all, you’re flying hours away from Rochester…

So you need to schedule more activities than just a Disney visit.

Disney VIP Tours

How We Can Help You

A Disney VIP Tour provides structure.

We don’t want you to be overwhelmed on your visit. We’d like you to experience Disney in a smooth and relaxing fashion.

Plus, we want you to experience as much as possible.

Because who knows when you’ll get to visit a Disney park again?


We Take Care of the Details.

At Five Star Private VIP Tours, we’ll plan your visit from start to finish.

We’ll take care of the booking process. This means fitting your visit into your yearly schedule as best as possible.

We can adapt your tour for an expansive or tight schedule. You can get tickets from a day to a week of visits.

Following the booking and your arrival, we can manage your touring days from start to finish.

This includes providing transport, on-site assistance, and other “special privileges” too!


Such As?

Our tours are “VIP” for a reason. That is, we can help you reduce waiting times to Disney’s best attractions.

This means no waiting in lines for rides. It also means less waiting times for backstage tours, special park privileges, and different shows!

We’ll provide you first-class treatment while ensuring priority in Disney’s most requested attractions.

The reduced waiting times (especially in California and Florida’s hot weather) make your visit more pleasant.

It helps you make the most out of your experience. And it makes it more memorable while removing stress.

Plan Ahead for Expenses

All at Affordable Rates

Five Star Private VIP Tours offers private guides.

Our guides aren’t “official Disney personnel.” However, they’ve have long experience designing and assisting visitors on VIP tours.

Thus, our services are high quality, but at much affordable rates.

You can save money for a prolonged Disney visit, or other activities outside of your Disney tour!


Time to Start.

It’s time to plan your holiday. Be sure to contact us for more information!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you guarantee minimal wait times?

Answer: Our Private VIP Tour guides know the layout of the attractions and the system in place as if we created it ourselves! This coupled with our Private VIP Tour guides insider knowledge (i.e. “secret sauce”) gives us the confidence in ensuring our clients minimal wait times.

Question: Do you only offer Theme Park tours?

Answer: Absolutely not the case, we have an undeniable love and passion for theme parks, but specialized in all Central Florida and Southern California, from Food and Wine, to Nightlife, to sightseeing, to helicopter tours, not to mention we are also an independent concierge and luxury transportation service. We have it all covered in our customized VIP Tour packages.

Question: How many people can be in a group?

Answer: We can accommodate up to (8) people per tour guide, including children. If you wish to have more than eight, we can add an additional tour guide.

Question: Are handicap tour guides or handicap passes used to skip the lines?

Answer: Never! Five Star has a “zero tolerance” policy in regards to improper representation of any disability or disability pass.