Disney’s Coco: A Tale of Music, Family, and the Dead
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Disney, a company known for bringing synchronized sound into their animated movies. In the 1930s became the leaders in the animation industry before diversifying the company into live-action movies and theme parks.

Sticking to their roots, Disney still makes animated movies. And some of the best-animated movies have come from the production house of Disney.

Disney Coco is no different, premiered on October 2017. The film grossed more than 807 million dollars worldwide and won two academy awards and multiple other awards.


The Story

In a town known as Santa Cecilla, a kid Miguel dreams of becoming a musician. Even though his family strictly forbids it and has banned music in their house. The ban was placed because Miguel’s great-great-grandmother Imelda was married to a man who left her and their daughter Coco to pursue a career in music. When he never returned, Imelda banished music from her house and started a shoemaking business.

Now Miguel lives with the elderly Coco and their family, who all are shoemakers. But Miguel idealizes Ernesto de la Cruz and teaches himself how to play guitar using Ernesto’s old films.

On the day of the dead, Miguel accidentally breaks the family ofrenda and finds a picture that shows his great grandfather with Ernesto’s famous guitar.

Concluding that Ernesto is his grandfather Miguel goes to steal his guitar. But once he strums the guitar he gets cursed for stealing from the dead and finds himself in the land of the dead. Now he needs to find his family so that they can bless him and he can go back to the land of the living before sunrise or he will be stuck there forever.

Miguel finds Imelda and she offers to bless Miguel on the condition that he leaves his musical passion. Miguel refuses and attempts to seek Ernesto’s blessings. Later Miguel meets hector who declares he knows Ernesto and will take Miguel to see Ernesto on the condition that he takes his photo to her daughter so that she can remember him and he would not disappear.

After sneaking into the mansion of Ernesto, Miguel declares that he is the decedent of his. But hector confronts him and Miguel learns that hector is his great-great-grandfather. Miguel’s family including Imelda finds Miguel and hector, the truth is revealed and Imelda and hector get back together.

Now the family gets back hectors photo that Ernesto kept when throwing out hector and Miguel. When the others find the truth about Ernesto and hector they throw out Ernesto and he gets crushed by a giant bell.

Hector gives blessing to Miguel and he returns to the land of the living. After one year, Coco’s letter from hector proves that Ernesto stole his songs and his guitar, destroying Ernesto’s legacy and hector was honored in his place.



Coco is a great movie filled with laughter and sad scenes that all together becomes a full package. The story is very nice and has a great message and we would highly recommend to watch it if you haven’t.