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When the question comes to children’s one of the most loveable fictional characters, Genie of the lamp is one of the most favorites of all. The character has appeared in more than one, in fact, three of Walt Disney’s animated feature films.

The three films comprise of Aladdin, Return of Jafar, and Aladdin the King of Thieves. The character gained an immediate fan base after the release of the first movie in which it was featured, Aladdin. The character was voiced by Robin Williams and partly by Dan Castellaneta with them interchanging in the parts correspondingly.

1.   Basis and Expansion of the Genie

The character is based off the Genie of the Lamp of the One Thousand- and One-Nights folk take Aladdin. There is a lot of difference between the character in the folk tale compared to the one that appeared in the fictional films by Walt Disney.

In the folk tales, the Genie was nothing more than just slave forced to do work for the master and carry out difficult tasks, whereas in the movie the character was greatly expanded which made it a separate identifiable character. One of the most notable differences in the folk tale and Disney’s Genie was its wish that it could be free at last and no longer serve any master.

2.   The Genie and its Powers

The Genie in the Walt Disney animated fictional films is a funny, comedic character somewhat larger than life spirit, which typically acts as a servant to the person having the ownership of the magic lamp. The character has many different special powers and abilities. Some of the most notable during the movies were his ability to grant wishes.

Others include shapeshifting, the power to change, and slow downtime and space. However, there is a certain limitation on the abilities of the Genie. It is bound to serve the master, and unless the master sets him free, he is to remain bound in his lamp for eternity.

3.   The journey of The Genie

In the early appearance of the character, the Genie is discovered by Aladdin, after which they form a good friendship as well. The Genie is also owned by the evil master Jafar, who wants to make use of the Genie’s powers to rise in position and marry the princes. In the initial parts of the movie series, all that the Genie wishes are to be set free.

He is later set free by Aladdin, and after some distance between them, he realizes the importance of being with friends and how it starts to weaken the Genie’s powers. However, we observe that in the last parts, the Genie reunites with Aladdin and his friends and his powers are once again at their full potential.

4.   Will Smith’s Genie

The animated movie was later turned into a live-action version of Aladdin, and the Genie was played by Will Smith. The fans were quite anxious for the release of the movie. However, according to the reviews and news, most fans weren’t satisfied with his performance and claimed their childhood memory to be ruined. The Genie remains as one of Disney’s funniest animated characters made.