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Ever wanted to see what it’s like to fly above the sky like an eagle. Ever wondered what the city would look like form the sky. Well to satisfy all your wonderings helicopter tours where invented.

Helicopter tours are the perfect way you can enjoy the entire city in a single sitting. There is nothing better than a helicopter tour to see and learn about everything that the city has to offer in a limited time frame. If you have ever wanted to go on a helicopter tour, well you’re in luck because Five Star Orlando VIP Tours now offers Helicopter tours for every guest if they want it.

So if you are the person that wants to go on a helicopter tour look no further, today we will be telling you more about our helicopter tours and what things that you need to know beforehand, so let’s get started.

Our Helicopter Tours

To provide you with the best helicopter tours in the city we have teamed up with Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours so that they can provide you the best experience on a helicopter tour available.

We have many types of tours available and we select the perfect one for you depending on your timeline and budget. Our tours range from 5-minute tours to an incredibly detailed 25-minute tour, we have six different options available in our arsenal and you have the option to choose any tour you want.

Each tour has a list of places that we want you to see and the list gets bigger as the flight time gets longer.

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Specifications

We care about your safety, that’s why all our helicopters are state of the art with experienced pilots piloting for you. All our helicopters meet all the required safety restrictions so you won’t have to worry about a thing when you fly with us.

According to regulations, we are allowed to take a maximum of three people on a ride at a time, if their combined weight is less than 580 lbs. otherwise, we take only two passengers. Children are also allowed on our tours, the only condition is that children under 2 years should ride on the lap of an adult, and children older than 2 must ride on their seats.

What about the Images?

We know that you are here to make memories and you can only do that by taking photos, every type of photography is allowed but only after we get you inside the helicopter and safely buckle you in. in addition to that, we also have professional photographers that are going to take photos of you and your family while boarding which you can purchase separately.

Aerial View of the Magic Kingdom

Five Star Orlando VIP Tours

We are Five Star Orlando VIP Tours and we specialize in providing you tours and vacation packages for Orlando and anywhere else that you want to go. We have a team of highly trained personal that are going to help you plan the perfect vacation according to your needs and likings.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do we experience minimal wait times?

Answer: Our Private VIP Assistants know the layout of the attractions and the system in place as if they created it themselves! This coupled with our Private VIP Assistants' insider knowledge (i.e. “secret sauce”) gives us the confidence in ensuring our clients minimal wait times.

Question: Do you only offer Theme Park experiences?

Answer: Absolutely not the case, we have an undeniable love and passion for theme parks, but specialized in all Central Florida, from Airboat Tours, to Air Ballon Tours, to Helicopter Tours. Not to mention, we offer Luxury Transportation services. We have it all covered for our VIP clients.

Question: How many people can be in a group?

Answer: We can accommodate up to (8) people per Private VIP Assistants, including children. If you wish to have more than eight, we can add an additional VIP Guide.

Question: Are handicap VIP Assistants used to skip the lines?

Answer: Never! Five Star has a “zero tolerance” policy in regards to improper representation of any disability or disability pass.