Disney VIP Tour Dining
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Disney World has become known as a bit of a foodie paradise! With over 200 restaurants to choose from you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what to eat! Offering a range of cuisines and dining styles there is something for everyone!

One of the most popular types of dining is in table service restaurants. These are traditional sit-down restaurants where a server will bring your food to you. 

At Disney World, you will find a wide range of table service restaurants that offer amazing food and incredible theming and you will also find character dining experiences at select table service restaurants. This is your opportunity to enjoy a great meal whilst getting to see some of your favorite Disney characters!

It is highly recommended to book dining reservations in advance to ensure you get to eat in the restaurants you want, at a time that works for you.

Dining reservations are harder to come by than ever due to high attendance rates. So just what are the best ways to make sure you get all the dining reservations you want?

These tips and tricks are the way Disney pros get their dining reservation and these insider tips can help you too!

  • You can book dining reservations 60 days in advance of your trip. Be ready to book them as soon as they open as many reservations get fully booked quickly! You can book from 5.45am ET each day. You can phone the Disney Dining Reservation line from 7am ET each day.
  • Log in to your My Disney Experience account ahead of time and open up tabs in your browser of the restaurants you wish to book reservations for. This will save precious time and can help you snag those dining reservations that are hard to get!
  • Dining reservations are known as ADRs or Advanced Dining Reservations at Disney World. The next time you see this acronym pop up you will know what it means!
  • Anyone can book dining reservations, not just guests staying at Disney World. So if you are staying off-site at a hotel in Orlando you can still book to eat in a Disney World restaurant 60 days in advance.
  • If you are staying at a Disney World Resort you can book up to 10 days of your trip at a time which is a big benefit when trying to get the harder to get reservations!
  • If you are a Disney World Resort guest booking the dining for your entire trip at one time then be sure to book harder to get reservations later into your trip as fewer people can book these dates. This gives you a much better chance of getting them!
  • Book your dining reservations using a laptop or desktop computer rather than using the My Disney Experience app. The app can sometimes be a little glitchy so booking via a computer will give you the best chance of booking the reservations you want.
  • Book reservations in order of difficulty to get rather than chronological order. Hard to get reservations get booked up very quickly so make these your priority to reserve first.
  • If you don’t get your reservations at the 60 day mark don’t panic! You can set up dining reservation alerts with websites such as MouseDining and Touring Plans. And remember people’s plans change so closer to the date of your trip, or even on the day of your visit, you can sometimes score the reservation you were looking for.
  • If you have any flexibility in the date of your dining reservation be open to that. If you are visiting Magic Kingdom for two days and want a dining reservation at Be Our Guest be flexible to dining there on either day for a better chance of getting a reservation.
  • Be open to eating at less popular times. If you have an early or late reservation you can have a better chance of reserving a table than if you are trying to eat at peak meal times.
  • Some of the best restaurants can be found at the Disney World Resorts! Don’t skip these. You can easily get to them using Disney’s free transportation including the monorail, Skyliner, boats and buses.
  • Don’t forget if you are booking to eat at a restaurant inside a Disney World park you need a valid park ticket and a Park Pass Reservation to get into the park to be able to dine.
  • If you have a park hopper ticket after 2pm you can visit any other Disney World Park so if you did want to eat dinner in a different park to the one you are visiting in the day you can do this!

Using these tips and tricks will give you the best chance of getting the dining reservations you want and will help you have your ultimate Orlando VIP Tour!