What to Wear For the Perfect Helicopter Ride
myfivestartours May 25, 2020 Blog 0

So you have just decided and booked your first helicopter ride, well good for you because you are going to have an amazing time. Well now you are overwhelmed with excitement about your trip and the first thing that comes into most people’s minds is what they are going to wear on their trip.

Well, unlike most traveling adventures, what you wear matters a lot because in a helicopter you are a lot closer to the elements than in any other forms of transportation, and to ensure that you have the best experience possible, you should pick the right clothing for your first helicopter ride. Here is a guide that is going to walk you through on wearing the perfect outfit for your ride. So let’s get started.


Wear Dark Colors

Now you might want to wear dark colors for the sole purpose of getting good images in the helicopter. The reason being that in a helicopter there are a lot of windows to see from and a lot of light can come in from the surroundings of a helicopter. So when you take a picture of yourself or your friend, the light clothes are going to blend in with the background making the person in the picture kind of invisible. If you want to avoid being invisible in the background I suggest that you wear dark clothes. Not only they will make you visible in the pictures but dark colors absorb light and heat much more than light-colored clothes so you will be much more comfortable in them as well.


Avoid Loose Clothing

As you can imagine there is a lot of air and wind in a helicopter and even more so in an open-door helicopter, and as you know loose clothing does not work in a windy environment, you have to wear clothes that do not fly off in every direction making your trips a hassle instead of a memorable experience. So the best thing you can wear is jeans pants and a jacket or t-shirt that fits your body comfortably.



Firstly you will not be taking any sort of accessories on the helicopter other than the bare essentials. Most of your items are going to be stored in a locker for the duration of your trip but the main things that you are going to need are a pair of sunglasses so that your eyes can stay safe from all the extra UV lights that you are going to be exposed to at those altitudes. Another thing you should be careful about is avoiding jewelry that can potentially fly out due to the extreme winds and cause a problem for the helicopter.


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